Medicine Today Demands: Inter-Disciplinary Research

1.   No Science is complete. A vast grey area in medicine.
2.  Diseases of the Past, Present and Future – difference in terms of evolution of disease, presentation, detection / diagnosis – simple to compound to complex
3.  Integration of the best of all therapeutic modalities is the need of the hour.
4.  Physician is accountable to his patients, himself and his system.
5.  Interdisciplinary – Create awareness about other sciences / philosophy, remove prejudices and misunderstandings, increase level of communication between each other, define scope and limitations of each pathy, instill confidence amongst the physicians themselves and through them in the masses.
6.  Concept of Individualization Vs. Generalization in Medicine
7.  Can bring the standard of the system and its practitioners at par with each other
8.  Concept of family physicians – treatment at grass-root levels
9.  Prevention of diseases (by different modalities – vaccinations, constitutional t/t, etc.)
10.  Involvement of Paramedical staff by different systems as well
11.  Treatment of diseases – more economical for the consumer
12.  Each system can play its effective role at the correct time since patients frequently rush to one system first and after being exhausted with the first then opt for others when its too late.
13.  Differentiate clearly true surgical diseases and those with scope of pharmaceutical treatment.
14.  Newer researches in homoeopathy –
         As Palliatives = Analgesics, Antibiotics, Immunomodulators, terminal diseases management, pre/peri and post operative surgical management.
         Homoeopathy for animals: help from Vetinary, Zoologists & Animal husbandary Research Workers
         Homoeopathy for Plants - help from Botanists Research Workers
         Homoeopathy in congenital / heredofamilial disorders
15.  Gene therapy vis a vis homoepathy
16.  Establishments of Homoeopathic research institutes – Management Experts, Administrators, Political will, Financial aid, Trained homoeopaths, Statisticians and Paramedical staff.
17.  Research requires – foresight, well defined goal (s), planning & methodology, raising of problems and defining viable solutions, work culture, transparency of work, publishing of data , etc. 
18.  Humans becoming God – cloning and homoeopathy for the future
19.  Man has basically 3 components –
         Mind – at present moment is unfathomable
20.  Most of the evidenced-based medicine (a fashion today) has become evidence-burdened medicine. The various controlled trials carried out in other systems of medicine are heavily flawed in retrospect, as they did not take into consideration the genotype of groups that were matched.
21.  Medical Universities-Have all courses under one roof. They alone can become the nodal point for such researches. 
22.  A Bold Initiative – sounds impossible: different systems collaborating their minds, money & man power and methodology for one common cause