Obesity is becoming a rapidly increasing problem in the progressive et prosperous society. Even in our country, particularly in the metropolis and big cities, practically 20 % of the individual’s belonging to the middle and the rich are obese. In number of cases, it is becoming very difficult to reduce weight, after it has reached beyond a certain limit or/ and when it has started showing its harmful effects. Hence, it is always beneficial to prevent this problem before it becomes too late.
Obesity or fat deposition results from discrepancy between energy consumption and expenditure. Today, as a consequence of modernization, conveyance and transport has become mechanical with least/minimum utilization of energy. Walking even for a distance of one furlong has become a burden. Even a school going boy of 12 years demands an automobile. Cycling which is one of the best forms of exercise is fast becoming a stigma and a sign of poverty. Sedentary workings and machines have replaced majority of our activities at home, at work places like offices, educational institutions etc.
Markets are being flooded with mixers, grinders, microwaves, washing machines etc and are fleecing the housewives; also tractors, threshers et sets for the farmers and computers, air conditioners, even revolving chairs / tables etc for the offices has become the order of the day. All of these and many more others have resulted in very poor consumption of energies present within the economy.
As against this, intake of foods rich in fat, carbohydrates and calories have become a fashion. Hence, it is essential for every family physician to make his/her clients aware of the dangerous consequences of obesity so that good many lifelong morbid disorders are prevented.
Factors which are responsible for obesity are
 Inheritance- If one or both parents are obese; there are more than 50 % chances that the newborn will be obese since birth. In some cases genes play some role in producing this problem of the rich.
 Miasmatic blend- Psorosycotic blend is the fundamental cause rendering the organism to deposit fat even if he/ she are not consuming much. When sycotic evil becomes dominant then the obesity either becomes irreversible or starts affecting its dangers.
 Diet- Consumption of energy dense foods/ drinks which are rich in calories like paneer, fried, pizza’s etc. Confectioneries like chocolates, cakes, biscuits, namkins, ice creams etc.
 Modes of living- Sedentary habits, Lack of exercises.
 Habits and addictions like alcoholic and aerated drinks etc.

Two Phenotypes- Generalized obesity and abdominal obesity
Abdominal obesity is
 A strong indicator for the development of coronary artery disease.
 Associated with insulin resistance and the development of late onset diabetes.

Problems of obesity-
Obesity has effects on both morbidity and mortality. Overweight individuals are prone to get Coronary artery disease, Diabetes, other metabolic disorders, colorectal cancers in male and in females it leads to cancer of gall bladder, breast & uterus (endometrium). Obesity may also lead to profound psychological consequences because of a social stigma attached to it. An obese person has restricted physical activity, hence cannot compete.

Prevention is better than cure must be the rule in every potential obese child. Following general measures are advised-
 Avoid all foods rich in calories.
 Encourage such modes of life and living in which the energy utilization takes place like exercise, playing outdoor games like football, basketball, cricket etc.
 Avoidance of indoor sittings like playing video games, reading books etc.
 Yoga and pranayam.

Medicinal treatment-
In Homoeopathy there are a dozen of remedies which can break the tendency to obesity. Depending upon the clinical expressions we may use drugs like Calc carb, Baryta carb, Ammon carb, Kali bich, Capsicum, Kali carb, Graphites and Medhorrhinum.