This monologue is a superlative collection of the class of homoeopathic remedies that are aptly termed as Multi-polycrest missiles – the Nosodes. They occupy a unique and at times controversial position in homoeopathic prescribing. They have an unusual distinction of being the most abused, unused and misused of all the remedies in our Homoeopathic armamentarium. Some use them routinely as any other remedy, others sparingly in only selected cases, whereas still few as specifics. I am of the view that one of the notable factor responsible for such a limited et diversified application is – Mal adequate and blurred perception of the significance and spectrum of activity of these cardinal group of remedies hence this write up. Since their discovery, these drugs have with-stood the test of time. When appropriately applied at the right moment they have successfully proved their worth by playing pivotal roles in combating the morbific metamorphic manifestations of recent times. The author has vividly defined, classified and outlined each nosode and its usefulness in clinical practice. He has presented cases that have been successfully managed with Nosodes not only from the archives of our Masters but also from his four decades of homoeopathic practice. Price – Rs. 100/-