Since the time LIFE has existed on this planet, health and disease have alternated throughout the life span of every living organism, no matter whether it is an animal or a plant. There is not a single soul on this globe who can boast of not experiencing any form of dis-ease throughout his or her worldly journey. Hence, since time immemorial, it has been an obligatory compulsion on MAN, the most evolved of all earthly creations, to constantly strive and find suitable remedial measures for successfully combating the ever-increasing environmental onslaughts & life long morbid disease syndromes. As a consequence of this, a host of medical disciplines have cropped up all over the globe, each professing its own scope and superiority. However, of the many, one of the most controversial topics betwixt different modes of treatment is the area of Causation. Every system of therapeutics harbours its own view towards causation of diseases. Allopathy emphasizes on the environmental. factors - living or nonliving, as main factors for producing diseases, whereas Homoeopathy bounces on internal Dynamis - constitutional error as the fundamental cause and its Doctrine of Chronic Miasmas claim to explain the AetiopathogenesiS of all Natural ailments.

Although this dynamic theory was promulgated in 1827 but the fact remains that miasmatic causes of all natural ailments started from the time of Adam and Eve. It is unfortunate that even though the doctrine has a convincing base for every reason gifted mind to perceive and apply, it has remained ill conceived by a large section of the homoeopathic society ever since its inception. As a result of which, even after hundred and eighty five years of its promulgation, we have very few authentic writings on the clinical application and verification of this epoch making discovery.

I am fortunate to have been enlightened and groomed by late Dr J.N. Kanjilal in this doctrine right from the beginning of my career. Hence, in this treatise, it has been possible for me to systematically encrypt all what I have been able to perceive directly from my GURU and thereafter from the writings of the acceded intellectuals of yesteryears flavoured with my personal experiences derived from their application in day-to-day clinical practice, during my four decades of professional cum academic standing. I have also attempted to translate certain striking features of this controversial theory into colloquial language of the materialistic school and have brought to light all those relevant logical facts, that can provide an edifice for easy perception and appropriate application of this vital discovery by the genius for achieving CURE. I have repeated some important statements and conceptions at a number of places simply because a true homoeopath must not forget them.