Back.... I feel privileged to present to our homoeopathic fraternity a comprehensive compilation of all what I have gathered during my 35 years of my professional carrier in the field of gynecology and obstetrics with homoeopathy. Of course, there is lot of material in our books for managing OPD patients but quite less for indoor cases. Fortunately, I am running a full-fledged homoeopathic indoor hospital - Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital and Research Centre, equipped with an Operation Theatre, Pathology Laboratory and Pediatric Department along with many others, since 1982. During my long standing professional carrier of dealing primarily with female patients, I got number of opportunities to apply good number of lesser used homoeopathic remedies for managing varieties of female disorders, strictly on the principles laid down in the Organon of Medicine. I haye also been able to apply number of homoeopathic remedies in acute cases as well as in gynecologic & obstetric emergencies with unbelievable results, which I will like to share with you all my beloved readers.

In this treatise, I have included some of the important observations as well as experiences of eminent professionals of yesteryears along with my own views.

At many places, I have presented some cases successfully managed by our remedies only, after they have been left over by the traditional school. At some instances, I have named only the remedies most often used by us in certain diseases, referring the reader to the materia medica for individual indications, which I believe to be the proper method, but in most cases I have given briefly the chief indications for the leading remedies. It is my firm conviction that every gynecologist must carefully study his materia medica, in every case, and not depend too much upon keynotes only. In more than 50% of cases, they act as palliatives only, making the cases more complicated. The role of auxiliary measures like psychotherapy and physiotherapy are indispensable while managing gynecologic cases and antenatal care of the pregnant female. For me, frequent radiological investigations and vaccinations, should be conditional and not as a routine. They have been found to have excited the indwelling miasms of both the mother as well as the fetus.

If any of my beloved readers points out any errors. or omissions, I assure them they, will be suitably rectified. I sincerely hope that this venture of mine will be received by the fraternity in its true spirits.

Price – Rs. 250/-