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President NAHI

Dr. Kasim Chimthanawala (MBBS, DDV, LTMH, DMS (Hom), FNAHI)

He is the lifetime President of the National Academy of Homoeopathy, India. He is also the Head of Department of Homeopathic Oncology. He has received the “Jayeshta Homoeopath Samman Patra” by Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Nagpur, the prestigious “Kent’s National Award for Excellence in Homoeopathy” as well as honored with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Homoeopathy’ at the International Congress of Integrated Holistic Healing, 2010 and “Dr. Hahnemann Memorial National Award” for Life-long devotional Services to Homoeopathy” at the 12th National Congress of Research Society of Homoeopathy, Khajurao in 2011. Besides being a brilliant and charismatic teacher he is an orator par excellence. He has been a practicing homoeopathic consultant at Nagpur since 4 decades. Moreover, he is an advisor to the National Journal of Homoeopathy, Mumbai since its inception. A stoic proponent of Hahnemannian ideology, he has trained homoeopath’s world wide. He has devoted 40 years of his life in managing and curing cancer patients with homoeopathy.

Vice President

Dr. Sagira Chimthanawala

She Heads the Department of Homoeopathic Gynecology and Obstetrics at Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital Complex and Research Centre. She is one of the few homoeopaths, who runs a homoeopathic indoor and conducts deliveries, caesarian sections and gynecological surgeries with successful management of pre and post operative cases with homoeopathic remedies. She heads the sub-specialty clinics like uterine fibroid clinic, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer clinic, infertility clinic and breast clinic at Shaad hospital and AHHCC, Sitabuldi and is the editor of NAHI Times. She has organized a number of national workshops on homoeopathy in gynecology and obstetrics. She has been felicitated in 2008- for her “Contribution in Homoeopathy” by Raipur Homoeopathic Study Circle then in 2009- for “Long Term Homoeopathic Service” by Solan Homoeopathic Association and again in 2011- Felicitation for “Excellence in Homoeopathic Gynecology & Obstetrics”, Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians, Nagpur. She has been conducting Undergraduate classes in Homoeopathy & Allied subjects for students since 1982, conducting Postgraduate Residential Training Seminaries in the Principles & Practice of Homeopathy for graduates, teachers & research scholars since 1992 and conducting Homoeopathic awareness classes for Laymen since 1978.

Secretary NAHI

Dr. Aadil Kasim Chimthanawala

He is the secretary of The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India. He also heads the department of homoeopathic cardiology. He is the director of AHHCC and its well-known project “dil ki seva (Aa) dil se”. He has received “Excellent Service in Homoeopathic Cardiology Award” in 2009, Dr. Hahnemann Award in 2010 and the Avantika Dhanvantri award in 2011. He has successfully organized National workshops in memory of Late Dr. J. N. Kanjilal on a range of subjects like Cardiology (CARDIOHOM), Diabetes mellitus ( DIAHOM), Miasmas, Renal Disorders(NEPHROHOM), Rheumatology, Hepatology, Neurology (Neurohom), Pediatrics, Cancer (Carcinosin), Gynecology & Obstetrics, Kali group of remedies and Acids in homoeopathy.  His contribution to the academics of homoeopathy range from publishing books to online computing and is a regular contributor to national journals and souvenirs. He has delivered lectures at national and international forum on homoeopathy in cardiology. More to say, he has almost 38 research articles to his credits. He has proved on himself homoeopathic drugs such as Sumbulus Moschatus, Aconitum Ferox, Gelsemium, Stannum Met, Carboneum Suphuratum, Osteo-Arthritic Nosode, Spigelia and Glonoine. As Director, he looks after three different Cardiac centers at Nagpur, India, viz. Aadil Homoeo Heart Centers at Sitabuldi and Gokulpeth and Shaad Heart Care Center, Shaad Hospital, Nagpur.

Clinical Secretary

Dr. Fatema Chimthanawala

She runs the Department of Homoeopathic Pediatrics and Child Health and is the recipient of Late Dr. Bhausaheb Daftari Memorial Award in Homoeopathic Medicine and Dr. J. N. Kanjilal Memorial Award for distinction in Homoeopathic Materia Medica. She was also felicitated for her “Excellent Service in Homoeopathic Child Care” in 2009 at Cardiohom, Solan, She has forayed into the health care of children with homoeopathy. The child allergy treatment centre and behavior modification therapy via homoeopathy has gained immense popularity. She has organized workshops on homoeopathy in child health, immunization in homoeopathy, parental counseling, etc. She is also the incharge of Dr. B.K. Bose Library.