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Our Values

In homeopathic medicine, we strive to meet the needs of today’s patients and our basic emphasize is on our core values that includes:

 Leadership: We strive to inculcate in every candidate quality of leadership so that they can lead in every walks of their life. 

 Integrity: We render huge values to integrity not only to strengthen the bond between our NAHI family but also to spread the feelings of common brotherhood 

 Professionalism: Great attribute is rendered to professionalism so that each and every candidate shall understand the greatness of this homoeopathic profession 

 Commitment: We are extremely committed to continuous research work, devotion, dedication for Promoting Health through Homoeopathy  

 Respect : We inculcate the feeling of great respect in minds of every candidate towards every human being and towards services that we provide to serve the human lives.

 Compassion: We develop feeling of compassion for every human being and develop the habit of curing and relieving patients from the pain they suffer.

 History : History speaks for reputation of any institution and we feel proud to announce that we- the faculty of NAHI is serving the people from more than 25 yrs.

 Target areas: Planning is essential for rapid and effective developments and so we have fixed target areas which works as motivating factor for all of us.