Post graduate Residential Training School / Gurukuls

To fill the lacunae in the present education system the academy conducts clinical training graduates, teachers & students at shad hospital. They are hosted bianually for 15 days and conducted in the age old tradition of GURUKUL. All the essential faculties required for molding into a rational homeopathic prescriber are provided. The day starts from 5 am and ends at 11 p.m .It is both hectic and highly informative.
1. Shaad yog - a well designed execrcise schedule of an hour helps the participants to nurture spiritual virtues and combat the mental & physical stress. It comprises of power yoga with aerobics. The doctors are also trained about application of each Asan in clinical practice.
2. Live case presentation,analysis & discussion - live and audio –visual demonstration of model case taking procedures are held. Each participant is allotted 2 cases a day for data recording & clinical examination on a standardized case card. The case is analysed & discussed from all angles- case types, miasmatic evolution, anamnesis, diagnosis (nosological, miasmatic, and drug ), repertorization, drug selection, potency selection and plan of management. Personal attention is given to each participant during case taking process.
3. Deliberation on applied philosophy - the doctrines, concepts & theories for easy & deeper understanding of hahnemannian thoughts.
4. Deliberations on live material medica - here each drug is conceptualized as a person & its genesis into a patient. The entire material medica is divided into children types, adult types, female types, senile types etc and are studied accordingly.
5. Others - includes conduction of labors under supervision ,ward rounds with detail bedside discussins of each case, planning & implementation of pre, peri & postoperative homeopathic management, analysis &interpretations of modern investigatory techniques likeECG,TMT,EEG,X-RAYS( plain, contrast & special) angiograms ct scans M.R.I nuclear tallium,echo usg films etc.Phsiotherapy demonstration, psychotherapy sessions.
6. Lectures ion homoeopathic sub - specialties-eminent consultants deliver lecture series on cardiology, neurology,endocrinology,orthopaedics ,psychology, ENT etc.
7. Library sessions - Dr. B.K bose library is pregnant with about 4000 books, national and international journals, periodicals both homoeopaths & applied subjects. Article writing & its presentation with a proper journalist approach forms an important part of this session. Likewise clinical applicability of software are also demonstrated.
8. Thesis presentation - this is mandatory for all participants & is done under the supervison of appointed guides. Apart from the content , the oratory & the communication skills of each participant is assessed by a panel of judges.
9. Recreation - to bring an air of change and add a touch of spice to the grueling schedule, cultural events are organized were all participants are encouraged to perform ,helping to shape their personalities.
10. Lodging & boarding facility - being a gurukul the organizers arrange a simple yet comfortable dormitory type of stay &meals within its hospital premises to ensure full time presence for atleast 25 participants.
Faculty Drs kasim chimthanwala,Sagira chimthanwala Aadil chimthanwala Fatema chimthanwala Kashinath Gaurkar.vilas mahajan ,Jai Kukreja, Sanjay Manwani,Sanjay Chandrakar,Kavita Rathi,Dipti Sikdar, Pratibha Dangre and Preeti Majithia.
Examinations Viva –voci is conducted by a faculty nominated by the governing council. Successful graduates &PCNAHI recipients are awarded certificate of post graduation.(PCNAHI).interns and students are awarded certificate of professional competence.(PCNAHI)