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Post graduate residential clinical training in homoeopathy
Specialized Homeopathy clinics - cardiology, gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, skin, geriatrics.

1) ETHICS: To function as a watchdog and monitor the ethical standards and dignity of the Homoeopathic Profession in the society.
2) EDUCATION: To educate Students, Internees, Teachers and even Laymen by conducting lectures, Refresher courses, Clinical meetings, etc.
A) To deliver Honorary Lectures and conduct clinics at Homoeopathic Institutions for Training students, graduates.
B) To arrange short/long term training programmes for casting Students, Internees and New entrants in the field of practice, at its own Shaad Hospital Complex & Research Centre, under the guidance of expert teachers.
A) To disseminate useful information pertaining to the Scope & Limitations of Homeopathy amongst the elites.
B) To rectify & clarify the misunderstandings regarding Homoeopathy, through mass medias like Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, Radio, T.V, Internet etc.
C) To promote Hahnemannian Homeopathy amongst the masses by conducting Camps, Workshops & Lectures etc of public utility.
D) To open charitable dispensaries for Homoeopathic treatment to the needy masses.
E) To contribute replies to the queries received from the public in local dailies, magazines.
A) Clinical - To undertake / conduct research in the areas of Drug trials (Provings, Clinical trials), Teaching methods, Management procedures etc.
B) Literary - To undertake appropriate steps/projects for updating, uplifting, recasting, rectifying and editing old Literature, Books, Papers, Publications etc. Wherever necessary with the consent & cooperation of the workers in this field worldwide.
A) To publish Homoeopathic literatures in the form of Souvenirs, Books, Papers etc for different strata of the society & the Homoeopathic fraternity.
B) To publish Homoeopathic periodicals in the form of Newsletters, Journals, & Magazines
7) RECOGNITION: To present Awards, Medals, Memoirs, Certificates etc as a token of recognition and encouragement for the labour undertaken, services rendered or the competency one harbors, in the fields of education, Practice or Research.
A) To help deserving students or new entrants in the field of Homoeopathy professionally.
B) To render honorary Professional assistance to benevolent National Governmental Organizations working for the upliftment of Homeopathy.
9) OTHERS: To Cooperate, Amalgamate or Associate with any organization for participating in scientific meets having aims and objectives which are wholly or partially similar to those of the Academy